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  Used for both office and industrial searches, intelligent targeting is Waltons way of ensuring comprehensive coverage whilst avoiding waste. Our linking of branch sites and the HQ based property contact in larger organizations enables us to be selective. We can demonstrate our considered approach when building an occupier list as follows.*
  Most occupiers relocate close to their existing property so the most senior contact at branch sites within 5 miles are captured together with the property contact whether based locally or remotely. The importance of the Primary Area means we advise total coverage.
To include national multi-sited occupiers who don't already have local representation request Target Audience PLUS at quotation stage.
  As some organizations are area-specific, using intelligent targeting ensures we only include those occupiers who could potentially relocate or expand into the subject property's city/town. Whilst HQ based property contacts and sole sites are included, branch sites located in the Secondary Area are unlikely to have any interest in the subject property and are therefore excluded.
* For guidance purposes only. Search methods can differ from property
  to property depending upon our brief.

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